About us

GRND is a black-owned and veteran operated clothing brand that prides itself in producing high-quality, functional athletic wear with a culturally-rich street aesthetic. Our brand was forged through the experiences of sport and tactical athletes and inspired by the cultural expressions within our communities. We are constantly moving the needle. Everyday we all rise and GRND to support our families, our communities, and to make an impact on the world. We removed the letter “I” because we know our purpose goes beyond self. We’re inspired by the relentless few who influence style, stand on what they say, and strive to give their all each and every day.

our mission

After years of service to our nation, our teammates, and our communities. We have fallen short and risen daily to define our WHY.

Our Mission is to inspire others to give 100% and then some in Sports, Fitness, and Life.

Our Values

Our values stem from the experiences of life and the light we hope to shed on our community. These values sit at the core of our team and act as a guide in our goal to leave an impact. 

GRND Value: 1 of 5


Life is short, fast, and unexpecting. Have fun each day

GRND Value: 2 of 5


Times will get hard, but you will grow harder

GRND Value: 3 of 5

stand on it

If you say you will do something, do it and do it well

GRND Value: 4 of 5

sweep the sheds

There is no I in GRND, support and serve our community.

GRND Value: 5 of 5

move further, faster and fight harder

Move the needle every day, whether backward as a lesson or forward as a win


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Our Causes

At GRND, we hold dear the impact we hope to make in uplifting and giving back to our communities. We aspire to build community partnerships that aid in providing mental health resources to Veterans and Former Athletes. We aim to create access to rehabilitative healthcare resources like Physical Therapy for disenfranchised communities. As a clothing brand we strive to create sustainable athletic and streetwear that is crafted with social and global responsibility.

Project Stand on it

At the heart of our streets and the soul of our communities, athletes of every level push beyond limits, embodying strength, resilience, and the spirit of never backing down. Project Stand on It is more than just an initiative; it's our commitment to support those on the GRND by providing accessible, skilled physical therapy and sports rehabilitation services. We're here to ensure that athletes, regardless of background or resources, get the support they need to recover, excel, and move the needle.

Project Catch The Sun

In honor of a true hero, Ranger Captain Connor Bednarzyk, we present Project Catch the Sun — a Hero WOD event that challenges you to push beyond your limits, to honor a legacy of bravery, dedication, and the unyielding spirit of a warrior who gave everything.

Join us as we sweat, push, and GRND together, not just for the physical challenge, but to carry forward the torch of Connor’s indomitable spirit. This is more than a workout; it's a tribute to a life lived with courage, a call to give our all on the field, in the gym, and in every aspect of our lives.

Stand with us, and let's Catch the Sun together.